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Post  Aesk on Sat Aug 06, 2011 5:26 pm

LSBN Studios was formed when Aesk, SXB and Rogue were on skype and seeing all the serious studios was making us laugh, anyway one thing lead to another we decided on making our own studio, where the members are not try hard douche's, thinking they are better then everyone else. we made this studio so people can have fun and learn together. but not become inactive to everyone else we are planning internal battles between the 3 groups. We made this studio larger then others for that reason, we will also be challenging other studios to battles such as beta, mep or collab. and the winning teams in lick will be rewarded with skill points.

The way the teams will be divided is that each member will be given a random number, we will then use a Random Number Generator to see who is in what team.

The rules of MEPs:
- No pornographic images/videos (obviously, you will get banned by youtube)
- No fucking Pedo ecchi. that shit is sick. (Normal ecchi, Yaoi and Yuri are fine)
- No watermarks we will have info who done what in the description
- All clips are to be rendered in 720p AT LEAST!.
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